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IMFavorites: A two-step collector for mastering CDs, DVDs, or Mp3-players filled with your favorite songs using the rankings that IMMS (the Intelligent Multimedia Management System) assigns automatically! No work required!

15 Nov 2004: IMFavorites 1.3 released, IMMS 2.0 support!

You can get IMFavorites 1.3 in the normal spot on the bottom of this page and see the ChangeLog as well, but the real change is that support for IMMS 2.0 is now in, many thanks to Drew M < drewm|AT|ucla|dot|edu >. A couple other things made it in, too, but nothing important. :)

28 Sept 2004: IMFavorites 1.2 released, IMMS 1.2 support!

Finally, SQLite 3 support and thus support for IMMS 1.2 is included in this release. Also, there's the option to restrict the output by file masks -- in the event that your car stereo can only play .mp3 files, for example.

Check out the ChangeLog and download it now!


IMMS Magical Favorites Collector uses information collected by IMMS to find your favorite songs, and then do the hard work of compiling a CD/DVD/MP3 player full of your favorites. It preserves the pathnames of files, so that the resulting collection will reflect the main collection.

It does all the work after you supply a three bits of data:

  1. Target Directory (where to place your symbolic links)
  2. The medium size, length or number of songs you desire
  3. Whether or not to cram in as many songs as possible. With this enabled, some less-liked but shorter songs will be added to fill up extra space in your collection.

Then you hit the start button and experience the magic. If you use IMMS, you want this. If you don't use IMMS, well, what are you waiting for? Give mag's IMMS a try today, and remember to come back here when you want a CD of your favorites!


Below are file links for the freeglut project. README files are included. You can also check the install documentation. Have fun!


Stable Releases

IMFavorites 1.3 [Released: 15 November 2004]
IMFavorites 1.2 [Released: 28 September 2004]


Please feel free to email jcjones AT ufl DOT edu with questions!