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Future Goals

I want conditional compiling working, e.g. if you run configure without having GTKMM installed, you should be able to build the console-only version.

Version 1.3 - 15 November 2004
    * Patch by Drew M  to add IMMS 2.0 support.
    * Add minimum song support to the command line version (see version 1.2)

Version 1.2a - 2 October 2004
    * Add an include for  -- whoops! Thanks Drew M 
    * Update the version number properly. Thanks Kyle Kirkland 

Version 1.2 - 28 September 2004
    * Database interface now uses SQLite 3.x, to keep up with IMMS.
    * Regular Expressions support through a filename mask.
    * You can now set the minimum allowed score of a song (default: 100)
        (NOTE! Support for this hasn't been added to either of the
        interface programs, just the engine... sorry!)

Version 1.1 - 1 May 2004
    * May have fixed an odd GTKMM problem involving the PixBuf loader.
    * Re-enabled Gettext support to fix a GCC 3.3 compile error.

Version 1.0 - 23 April 2004
    * Added configure-time selection of whether to build gimfavorites
      or not.
    * Added TagLib as a optional dependency to...
    * Allow song-length limiting, new API functions added related.
    * Add song-length limiting to the GTK+ GUI and console application,
      closing feature request 934108.
    * Add --music-cd to the console application.
    * Changed the /home/$user default target in the GUI to

Version 0.4 (1.0 RC1) - 17 April 2004
    * Split the UI from the engine
    * Added a GTK2 user interface (gimfavorites)
    * Made the GTK2 UI follow the GNOME Human Interface Guidelines
    * Up the number of attempted crams before aborting (they take so
      little time...) to 100 from 50.
    * Added a "tools" directory and an XMMS enqeue BASH script.
      (Thanks, Anonymous!) - Resolves Feature Request 936756

Version 0.3 - 24 March 2004
    * Major speed improvements. (~432.5 times faster)
    * Added the --list option.
    * Moved "target" to being a mandatory PATH statement at the end of the
      option list.
    * Fix for paths without a trailing /
    * Usage cleanups
    * Added the --cram option to keep trying to fit subsequent music files
      remaining space until we get tired. :)
    * Fixed support for --maxsize parameters greater than 4.2 GB (moved to
      64-bit unsigned long long numbers. That'll fix those overflows!).
    * Made --mask an optional parameter with the addition of a auto-mask-
      determining algorithm

    (Kudos to Mag, the author of IMMS, for most of these suggestions!)

Version 0.2 - 22 March 2004
    * Added --cd, --dvd, --help, and --version options.
    * First published release.

Version 0.1 - 21 March 2004
    * The Beginning.

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